Speaking and interacting with a variety of audience sharpens the thoughts and broadens Emie’s views.

A true believer in the power of spoken words, she enjoy my speaking gigs – right from facilitating workshops to emceeing to giving talks at corporate and community events. She loves the fact that this helps her interact with my audience face-to-face, and how the direct feedback from them refines the speech to make it more targeted and useful to the spectators.

“I have great appreciation of the way Emie approaches speaking engagements, the time she spends to prepare and the efficient way she presents them, which to the listeners looks a simple act. It is a fallacy because it is a hard act to follow.”

– Raman Krishnaiyer, Journalist and Community activist, Sydney

“Emie, is a breath of fresh air to work with. She is an eloquent speaker that has an inherent ability to establish a connection with the people that she is communicating to. She is positive, and always happy to find a creative solution to a business problem. She is a powerhouse of idea’s filled with action.”

– Steny Sebastian, Business Analytics Platform Sales Leader, IBM.

Facilitating Workshops/Seminars

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Voice Over Artist