Once a Woody fan…

Once a Woody fan, always one! 🙂   Watching Woody in Toy Story 4 was quite an enriching experience, along with the perfect mates (read primary school kids) who were totally engrossed in the storytelling as much as I was, […]

Lessons from my orange tree

“Fall seven times, stand up eight” Japanese proverb. Much in love with the concept of having gorgeous reddish -orange edible citrus fruits adorning our backyard, and dreaming of all those dishes we could make with the fresh, organic oranges from […]

On an autumn trail

Crisp autumn breeze, trees ablaze in colours of red, crimson, russet, burgundy and yellow; bristling leaves floating delicately in the wind, crunching of leaves as we walk through them – what is there in autumn that is not to love! […]

A handful of liquorice

This year’s Australia day was uncomfortably hot. With temperatures soaring above 40 degrees, our family was already regretting our decision to wander around the Sydney city on the day. Being a Saturday, our stroll diverted to the Rocks markets, and […]