Once a Woody fan…

Once a Woody fan, always one! 🙂  

Watching Woody in Toy Story 4 was quite an enriching experience, along with the perfect mates (read primary school kids) who were totally engrossed in the storytelling as much as I was, and laughed oblivious of the surroundings – again very typical of my style of watching movies! 

The 4th movie in the Toy Story series is all about Woody (Tom Hanks’ voice) and how he rescues Forky, and helps define his identity. Forky is a less than perfect character created with a spork, paddle pop sticks, felt and google eyes from the trash by his owner Bonnie; a kinder garten kid. Proud of her own creation, Forky is her new favourite. Woody, while painfully coming to terms with the fact that he is no more his owner’s favourite, still tries to protect Forky within the gang of toys, and makes a few new friends along the way.

Well some good old characters remain in the movie too, as Woody, the ‘once the leader of the room’ as he calls himself, does not want to let anyone miss out the fun of being together! Bo Peep (Annie Potts’ voice) the shepherdess, reappears as a lost toy but a strong woman character who sometimes leads the way, and never disappoints. On the other hand, Buzz Light Year (Tim Allen’s voice) has come a long way from when he was first introduced as Woody’s arch enemy and plays Woody’s sensible best-mate in this one which is at times a bit strange to decipher!

I am fascinated by how the makers have divided the toys’ into two categories – “toys with a child”, and “lost toys”. Or rather, toys with a child owner and toys which yearn for a child owner! And that the toys are either righteous or evil depending on how life has treated them –  seemed to me like a truthful yet in-depth philosophy!! 

Given how money-grossing the previous movies in the series were, there were divided opinions before the release of the movie about why Disney’s new character, Forky, could  be potentially disappointing because of how unpleasant and fragile it looks. What is interesting is that yes, Forky is very much so; and also identifies with trash!! He keeps saying that he has come from trash and must go to trash – so there’s no denying there! 

But this is where Disney has really nailed it I believe – proving the adage that ‘someone’s trash could be someone else’s treasure’; and that the looks or the make doesn’t really matter if you can make a difference in someone’s life! And that’s what Woody keeps reiterating to the funny and adorable (yes, after seeing him for sometime we know he is) Forky; who finally concurs with the point! 

The movie lets you shed a tear or two, mostly in a feel-good manner and could probably be counted as the funniest in the series. And I must say that the animation is just spectacular where they don’t need dialogues to convey some very subtle feelings – like what Woody feels when he realises that Bonnie doesn’t pick him anymore to play with! 

And now, me personally – the child in me loves Woody’s character ever since the very first movie. A very real role model that you would look up to when you face trouble!

Can I just say in this regard is that I was looking for my little Woody figurine everywhere at home as I came back from the cinemas wondering whether he has gone away to help a friend of his in need, while I was away! 

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