‘Chef’- the movie

Catching the release-day show of a movie after ages!! ‘Chef’, the new Saif Ali Khan movie can be a treat for expat Keralites not for the storyline or anything of that sort, but for the candour visuals of Kerala that the film offers. After watching the trailer, it was more out of curiosity that we went to watch this – and it lived upto the expectation of being a simple film that offers a beautiful palette of colours for the beholder. Though not loaded with a heavy cast, the actors have performed beautifully and Padmapriya as heroine is the synonym for subtle grace.

I am more amazed at the way that the land, language and the iconic figures of Kerala like old tharavadu ( ancestral home), house boats etc are portrayed in such a gorgeous manner!! Cute to listen to Malayalam every now and then in a Bollywood movie and watch all those yummy Keralan delicacies being cooked in traditional manner.

And yeah, the Mallu Actor Dinesh Prabhakar has totally excelled in his role of being a true blue Mallu! 😀

Was worth the watch – took us on a quick 2.5 hour journey to our homeland on a Friday evening after a long day at work!!

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