Making my own Appams

After being in my “too tricky basket” for such a lot of years, the appam (Kerala’s own pancake) finally gives in to my persistence, on a pleasant Easter day! What a beautiful victory, after many a disappointing experiment. Appam, as I’ve always gathered from the elderly, is one of the most sophisticated dishes in the labour intensive cuisine that is Kerala’s. As an actual fact, I have used this as my excuse until now. (Remembering the fox and the grapes fable here… 🙂


And this morning, I woke up late (thanks to daylight savings) to the beautiful smell of fermented batter – something I thought I’d never experience! Quite pleased I could put a traditional breakfast of Appam and Chicken Stew on my table; of course accompanied by Easter eggs, Bunny and carrots for the bunny (who doesn’t like succumbing to the clamour of the celebrations of life).

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